Jan. 20th, 2011

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So, I said I'd finish up writing my second semester first impressions - though to be fair, I've still not met my official Design lab prof and won't until next Wednesday, but I've met all the others now.

Human Sexuality: As previously stated, no judging! After completely forgetting that I had the old listing when the class was moved to a different building, I made it to this class with about three minutes to spare before it started. The prof turns out to be this older woman, I am pretty sure she's English. Usually I can tell New Zealander or Aussie apart from British Isles accents (I know people who can't tell at all...) because of what I think of as something similar to the American Southern drawl in the accent. No, it's probably not a similar thing at all, but it's the best label my mind can put to what my ears give it. I am not a languages expert! But I digress. So, I see this older lady and I'm thinking, "This could be... awkward." Cue her being wonderfully blunt with us from the very beginning. I think I'm going to like her as well.

Design For Journalists: She's crazy. My prof definitely has a kooky feel to her, but I am perfectly fine with this. I'd be a bit of a hypocrite if I wasn't, really. I like the class already, though; playing with computer things (beyond sites like this) is not my best skill, but with any luck all will work out overall. Here's hoping, right? At least there's no group work involved, as I said before.

Oh, update on my Construction of Race and Ethnicity and Journalism Research classes. We had a fascinating discussion today in the first, and I'm liking the prof more than I did initially, so final judgment may be soon and positive. Time will tell. As for JR... We had a guest today, the journalism librarian at the school library. She was... perky. Nice, and knew what she was talking about, but I kept wondering how much sugar and/or caffeine was in her system.

Posted my first meta piece last night, on Arthur from Inception and what his job as point man entails. It's gotten a pretty good response, which surprised me; it kind of sounded like just another of my rambles. Like this! :D Anyway, I really liked doing it, and if I get more ideas, for Inception or a different fandom, I'll definitely write another.

Semi-related, I'm researching polyamory again. Partly because I'm continuing to write OT3 fic, but it's not all set in the same universe anymore, so I'm doing some more reading to help me get a feel for ways to realistically work the relationships differently. Also I just find it interesting. And then again... I don't think I can do a paper on fandom stuff for my human sexuality class, but I am seriously considering doing the final paper on something to do with polyamory. This is what I call multitasking! :D


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