Feb. 3rd, 2011

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So, what happens five minutes into my first class of the day - a lecture, mind you? Fire alarm goes off, and we're all sent outside into the frigid air. Lovely. Bloody February, it's too damn cold. On the brighter side, I ran into a friend from one of my classes last year who is also in the lecture and he said our former prof was asking about me. I really need to e-mail her. I keep forgetting; the shiny Internet, among other things, distracts me. She does what I want to do, though, professionally, so completely besides the fact that I loved her class, I should try to keep in touch. Her asking about me is a good sign, yes?

I am trying to do things to get myself into shape. This includes taking the seven flights of stairs to the class I'm currently in and the six flights to one of my other courses. My chest always hurts and and I am gasping at the end of it, but I keep telling myself it will fade and then I will be healthier. Assuming I don't give myself a heart attack first.

Also there is a girl sitting outside my classroom in my direct line of sight. She looks freakishly like a girl I went to grade school with, but having not seen any of those people in six years I can't be sure. We keep eyeing each other, though, and I really do think it's her. This is quite strange, it feels weird to possibly be seeing one of those kids so many years later. At least she's one of the ones I got along with, and not one of the many assholes who were among my classmates there. Maybe I'll take the alternate doorway to my classroom next week and say hello to her.
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Title: Standing Outside The Fire
Fandom: Tudors
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The greatest rivals sometimes make the greatest allies. When two English families united in 1515, no one could know that it would change the fate of England - forever.
Author's Note: I know most of you who follow my LJ are not here for the Tudors fic, but give it a shot? You never know, you might like it, and it's severely AU, so knowledge of the show will likely not be required.

Chapter one is here: fae-boleyn.livejournal.com/18044.html

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