Feb. 18th, 2011

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My friend Sam is coming to spend the weekend with me, which is great because I miss her and all my high school friends. ("Remain on the vine", and all.) What is less great about it is that I won't be around much from a couple hours from now till Sunday. I'll probably get on a few times so my flist and e-mail inbox don't get flooded (been there, done that, now I take steps to avoid it) but it won't be for long. So I probably won't be commenting at all on posts or stories - I will catch up on Sunday, promise! After I make my claims for Inception Reverse Bang, which is one more reason I'll have to jump on sometime tomorrow after 3 PM my time. *crosses fingers for some Robert/Saito*

In other news... As my rambles about my college courses imply, I'm an aspiring journalist, and yesterday I pretty much got it confirmed that I've got a job working behind the scenes for a news show on my campus radio station. The best part is, especially as the host is a friend from a class last semester, there's an option to eventually get involved in the writing and maybe even to co-host. :D :D This is important because I'll finally have something to put on my resume, which is a great thing. I think this LJ makes it clear that writing is my biggest passion, well, my career plans tie in nicely with that so I'm sure you can understand my excitement.


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