Mar. 14th, 2011

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Hmm. I don't know what ways I would want my double to differ, but I know of various ways in which she could. There have been a few points in my life that could have changed me considerably. If I never moved from my original hometown, for one thing. I'd be drastically different and I know that. Or the reverse, if my mom had left my dad right after I was born and I spent my entire childhood in Philly (most likely). There was also the almost-move to San Diego with my father's work when I was seven. That one always inspires terrifying thoughts of myself as the stereotypical Californian. (Note to any CA readers, that is not an insult to real Californians, although the stereotype itself might be.)

I figure the version who never left the small town wouldn't have the same sarcastic bent or vaguely twisted mental processes, and quite likely would never have found fanfic, since I was introduced to it after I moved. That thought makes me sad. The version who grew up in Philly... Well, she'd be so utterly different I can't even say for sure. Probably no interest in sci-fi or fantasy, though, maybe not even nearly as much of a bookworm. That all did begin with my father's influence, after all. They might be simpler girls, less vaguely messed up, but who knows?

I think I like myself as I am best, dents and all. (And if you read my post this morning, you'll notice I'm feeling better now. Thank God.)


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