Apr. 2nd, 2011

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So, I'm home this weekend to work, which technically sucks. Except it doesn't really since I kind of like work. I fight - jokingly - with my coworkers, chat with customers... It has its shitty moments but overall it's not bad. And also I have a job, in this economy this is good.

Being home also means being with my mother and grandmother. Which can be tense when we don't get along, but when we do... Like today, with Mom-Mom and Mom squabbling over "ice cream addiction" and screwing up the channel for the Phillies pre-game. This type of fighting is usually fun, Mom-Mom half-laughing and Mom rolling her eyes. Seriously, the way they are sometimes, I could film them, put it on YouTube, and be a hit. And then they would kill me. So no.

But. This is not why I am spinning. Oh no. i am spinning because of my Phillies. Yesterday, they came up from a 4-2 losing spot in the bottom of the ninth and won 5-4. Today, as of this post, they are winning 8-4. Oh, and Cliff Lee. He is pitching tonight. And how can I not love Cliff Lee, he turned down a serious bonus from the Yankees (Evil Empire) to come back to Philly, and he says he loves it here. Oh, and his eyes are gorgeous, though that's not relevant to his playing. :D Still...

Also I have this, mini-outtake from my OT3 series in which Arthur is a Philly native.
In which Arthur channels my excitement )


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