Apr. 12th, 2011

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You know, I've managed to avoid any anime/manga fandoms for quite some time now. It wasn't really intentional, but I did it.

Last year, one of my roommates decided to share clips from the English dub of a certain series called Axis Powers: Hetalia. And, you know, I thought it was kind of cute, whatever. I poked around the TV Tropes pages for more info, saw a few of the strips from the manga... Not much happened.

And then. A couple of weeks ago, I saw it was on the anime channel at home, so I decided to put it on. Since then, I have mainlined everything except the World Series - if anyone can tell me where to find an English dub or at least an English subtitled version of that I would appreciate it - both anime and manga. English dubs/translations, I admit, which apparently is sacrilegious in some circles, but... *shrugs*

Anyway. You know, I did not need another fandom. I especially did not need a new plot bunny exploring the relationships among the personifications of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Ireland, told from Ireland's POV. Did I mention the side order of England/America in this? There's also bound to be some Canada since I like England, Canada, and Japan best in that order. I can't figure out how to get Japan in there. :) But that aside, why do these things happen to me? Now I'm poking around the Web for more info on the countries in question, at least the OC ones, so I can develop them more. Don't I have enough to do? Sigh.

Although, while chatting with [livejournal.com profile] eustacia_vye28  tonight, I did work out some ideas for the genderbend fic, specifically for Ariadne's background in that particular 'verse. So that's something, especially as it's giving me some ideas for Ariadne/Yasirah. That is good because while I know how Architecture of Your World and Mind is going to end... I've got nothing on the middle, really. Taking that one as it comes.

Speaking of Ariadne/Yusuf (canon this time) I have a fic rec. [livejournal.com profile] chromonym 's Passage, which is quite possibly one of the better fics I've come across in general, and definitely blows me away for the A/Y pairing. This is something people should be reading. :)


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