May. 2nd, 2011

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I'm going to guess most of you have heard about bin Laden by now. Obama confirmed that they killed him, so after almost ten years they finally did it. You know, Obama made it sound so easy, he just told the director of the CIA to focus on finding bin Laden, and it paid off. So. Either he is simplifying things for the sake of it being a speech, not a detailed lecture on counter-terrorism, or... Or it really is that simple. In which case, why the fucking hell did it take so goddamn long?

Don't get me wrong. I'm glad they got him. But this bothers me.

Also. I hope that all security is on top alert now. Because I don't think al-Qaeda is going to take this calmly, and if we're not ready for that...
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So, my semester's over, except for finals, and that means when I leave campus next Wednesday, I am officially halfway done with college. Holy shit.

Lots of stuff happened this year, but in terms of fandom... I started out the year working on finishing Handmaid, which I've mentioned before as my biggest hit, though it's possible that Standing Outside the Fire, also in Tudors fandom, might match it. I have high hopes. I also fell headlong into Inception fandom, writing so much more for it than I usually do for any fandom that I was rather shocked. My muses are settling down now, to work on my WIPs in both Inception and Tudors, but to all my fellow Inception fans - aka pretty much my whole flist - thanks for the ride so far, and I don't plan on going anywhere.

Speaking of, ohfreckle has a new love meme out, and I was pretty giddy when I found mine. I love you guys too! <3


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