Sep. 11th, 2011

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[Error: unknown template qotd]The odd part is that I actually do remember very specifically where I was, what was going on around me, all of that. I don't remember much from fifth grade all that clearly, so it's... strange.We'd just come back in from morning recess and we were having our English lesson, talking about James and the Giant Peach. They must have told the teachers while we were at recess, though, because the PA came on and kids were still talking, ignoring it like always. My teacher snapped "Be quiet, this is very important!" so she had to know from... somewhere. That was the first clue something was not right; my teacher was usually pretty laid-back. Anyway, they said first that we were being dismissed early and kids were all excited. I remember I wasn't; I hated my grade school so I had all the days off and early dismissal days memorized. I knew this wasn't one of them, so something was going on and it couldn't be good. But I was expecting something like a malfunction in the boiler room or something wrong in the building. 

Then they told us there'd been an attack. No specifics, which led to some confusion because my teacher thought the Sears Tower (which I want to say is in Chicago but I could be wrong) had also been hit. So, anyway, I walked home when we were dismissed, came into the house and my mother and grandmother were watching it on TV. I just... sat down on the floor in my usual spot and stared at the TV. It seemed like a movie. Still kind of does, when I see the archive footage being played again. I also remember my friend being terrified that all tall buildings were a target, and I had to talk her down. I wasn't worried about our neighborhood, because it was residential, and no one's going after random apartment buildings. But I live in Philadelphia, and I was worried about our downtown. Obviously nothing happened, but I'm willing to bet I'm not the only one from a large city who spent a good while half-expecting to hear we'd just been hit.

I've heard people say they remember where they were when Pearl Harbor got attacked or when Kennedy was shot. I never really understood that when I was little... But here I am with the same kind of story, and I know my friends who I didn't know back then do too. Hell, we've talked about it, it's actually come up in conversation and it's strange how much you really do remember. I just hope the kids who are too young to remember 9/11, who are growing up now, never have anything that proves to them just how you can remember where you were on a certain day, for a certain event.
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So, following on from my rather bleak Writer's Block post - which I'm still half-thinking maybe I had no right to do - here's something considerably more cheerful and returning to the usual fandom fare around here.

One of my newly-discovered favorite authors (anyone who likes Supernatural and Good Omens, I have a fic rec for you unless you're militantly against the pairings involved) did a sort of DVD commentary on several of the oneshots in a series that they did, and I'm kind of tempted to do the same. For the sake of my sanity I'd have to restrict this to oneshots or single chapters of my longer fics (especially if someone wanted Handmaid, good God...) but I was wondering if anyone might be interested in seeing it. If so, leave me some titles and I'll see what I can do. It's something I'd definitely like to try, but it seems pointless if no one's going to want to read it. Kind of like almost every non-Inception fic that I post here...

Also I apparently should not have two cups of coffee in as many hours. I'm not jumping off the walls but I definitely feel edgy. I should probably use this to clean my room, but I'd rather try to put it to writing. Or something more enjoyable than cleaning, because I hate cleaning.

There should be a "wired" option in the mood selection. Bouncy is as close as I can get and that doesn't really fit all that well.


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