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Right, so... I really should have done this a long time ago, but here we are. Time to post my masterlist.


Handmaid: "Then Rachel said, 'Here is my maid Bilhah, go into her... and even I may have children through her.'" Gen. 30:3. In a world where a sonless king has options above and beyond annulment, two women's fates will be drastically changed...

Spanish Pride, English Prejudice: Prince Philip and Princess Cecily hated each other from their first meeting, but that didn't prevent the marriage that they must now go through with. Will their shared hatred make them both miserable? Sequel/spinoff to Handmaid.

Snapshots of a Royal Family: A lot can happen in 19 years... A spin-off from Handmaid, this oneshot series shows what happened between the last chapter and epilogue of Handmaid. Not in any particular order.

Souls Run In Circles:
 When your heritage changes, does your life change with it? Or are some things meant to happen even if the story's not quite the same? In a world where Henry VIII's royal Queens are common and his common wives are royal, what will change and what will remain the same?

Standing Outside the Fire:
 The greatest rivals sometimes make the greatest allies. When two English families united in 1515, no one could know that it would change the fate of England - forever.

Set To Lyrics: Music is one of our common grounds; across civilizations music has been used to express emotion. A series of oneshots inspired by songs, about any Tudor characters/pairings that catch my fancy.

House of Cards:
 Cards are the symbol of Charles' guilt... Charles Brandon/Anne of Cleves, my contribution to my odd couple ficathon.

And In That Hour: You can love someone because of who they are, in spite of it, or because they remind you of someone else. Slashy, one-sided. Written as my half of a bargain. Charles Brandon/Margaret Tudor, one-sided Charles Brandon/Henry VIII, references to Henry VIII/Anne Boleyn

When You Think Of Where We've Been: Henry VIII decided, after divorcing Anne of Cleves, to marry his unwanted bride to the man responsible for the marriage in the first place...

Kiss My Eyes:
"And lay me to sleep..." Inspired by AFI's Prelude 12/21. Anne of Cleves/Thomas Cromwell, rated T because I honestly don't know what to rate it.

A Moment To Be Real (AMTBR)

The Gemini Chronicles (Whoniverse, Charmed): Torchwood and UNIT deal with aliens. So does the Gemini team... but they also deal with demons. Witches, ex-demons, genetically-altered humans, they can all find a home here.

Paradigm Shift (NCIS, Charmed and Stargate SG1 elements):
 In the years between Paris and 'Madam Director', Jenny Shepard was involved in many missions, but only one completely changed how she saw the world...

The Picture (Primeval): Just where did that photograph of Nick and Claudia come from?

Meeting of the Minds (Primeval):
 After the events of 1.05, Helen has a conversation with an unusual companion.

Ripple Effect (Primeval, Whoniverse): One difference can change everything. What if Jenny Lewis wasn't the only new hire at the ARC? Series 2 AU.

To Do No Harm (NCIS): It's the key point of the Hippocratic Oath, and even MEs are bound by it. What happens when Ducky is torn between causing emotional harm to his entire work family and risking the life of one who is already as good as lost? AU JD tag.

Need To Know (NCIS): Some people who need the truth don't get it, and sometimes those who want to share it are thwarted by those who honestly believe the truth is better off hidden. And those well-meaning people are usually wrong. AU JD tag.

The Magic of Hot Chocolate (NCIS, Stargate SG1):
Once upon a time, the Shepard sisters thought hot chocolate was magic. Even when they knew better, there was comfort in the tradition. Snapshots in time, with two common factors: two sisters and hot chocolate. AU, Partial JD tag.

Off the Grid (Primeval, NCIS, mild Whoniverse):
 When Gibbs and team - plus Abby and Ducky - head to London to investigate a Marine's death, they find out that things are not always what they seem, and death is not always as final as one thinks...



No Questions Asked: This is a story about the point man, before he was the point man and after. Who are the most important people in Arthur's life, and how did they come to mean so much?

There's Something I Should Have Told You:  While Eames is in a coma, Arthur says some things he'd never have the nerve to say when the forger is awake. When Eames recovers, he remembers everything.

Makings Of All That's Wrong:
We all make mistakes. Sometimes we just don't realize just how badly we've screwed up until it might be too late to fix it.

Just To Get It Through My Head:
 Eames doesn't want to admit he actually cares about Arthur, and Arthur can't live like that anymore. Cue a cross-continental chase when Eames realizes how badly he's fucked up.

What Does It Take?: Arthur's insomnia gets to a point where he's desperate enough to take sleeping pills and too incoherent to remember why taking too many of them is a bad idea.

As Long As We Both Get There: A sequel to "What Does It Take?", where Eames is still haunted by how close he came to losing Arthur.

In The Frozen Aisle (drabble): Arthur and Eames debate ice cream.

I'll Turn And I'll See You:
 Mallorie Cobb's tragic fate destroyed two couples, not one. And while death is irreparable, there is still a chance that lesser divides can one day be closed. Arthur and Eames were torn apart by one misunderstanding, and countless others keep them that way. But if it's not what either of them truly want, is there hope for a second chance?


The Final Dance: Reincarnation story. Four times their relationship ended in tragedy, never the same way but always the same. This time, will things be happier or will it simply be a different tragedy?

Ghost Of A Rose: In which there is more than one way to be the abandoned half of a whole, and it's just as wrenching even when the bonds are different. Or, Cobb's not the only one with a Shade. (Also includes unrequited Arthur/Cobb/Mal and Arthur/Cobb, after a fashion.)

Illumination: Cobb jumped that night with Mal, leaving Ariadne as sole guardian of the children. But Social Services declares her an unfit guardian, and Ariadne is out of options.Until a mark gives her an option she can't refuse. Do the impossible and he gives her the children. But to do it, she's going to need to contact someone who left her long ago. (Mal/Cobb, Arthur/Ariadne, Mal/Cobb/Arthur/Ariadne, Mal/Cobb/Ariadne, Arthur/Eames, pre-Ariadne/Arthur/Eames


Chills: Robert is ill, but tries to work anyway, despite a chill that he just can't shake.

Three Is More Than Just Company (Ariadne/Arthur/Eames, side order of Cobb/Saito)

Back To The Beginning: "You think you know a story, but you only know how it ends. To get to the heart of the story, you need to go back to the beginning." (The Tudors, Opening Narration). We all have stories. Who we were, what we've been through, defines who we are. Arthur/Eames, pre-Ariadne/Arthur/Eames
Arthur: To Come Into Our Own
Eames: All Of The Plans We've Made
Ariadne: Many Miles To Go

Ride Of Your Life: Ariadne isn't sure what she's getting into here.

Oh, I Want You To Know (But Then Again I Don't):
 In which Eames watches, Ariadne thinks about what it means to be part of a whole, and Arthur decides he's in trouble.

We're Halfway There:
 The latest job finds the trio in Philadelphia, and this stalemate they have won't last much longer...

I'm Only Me When I'm With You: It's just like any other relationship, really.

Lead Us On A Merry Chase:
 A moment between Eames and Ariadne makes Arthur misconstrue his place in their triad, and he takes off. The other two aren't having any of that, however.

Music and Lyrics:
They have to drive from San Francisco to Denver. Each of them takes turns driving, which also means radio control. Oh, and Eames likes stealing Arthur's Kindle.

Some Hearts:
 Three outside perspectives on their relationship

Cold In The Sun: Lines blur between reality and dreams as Ariadne races against time.

Let Go Of These Things That Tie Us Down:
 The trio head off on a much-deserved vacation.

Christmas Mornings:
 Christmas mornings in two households.

Catch Me If I Fall:
 Our trio takes care of each other.

Every Traveler Please Come Home:
Arthur confronts his past, but he's not doing it alone this time.

A Sense Of Feeling: "I am a great believer in found families and I'm not a great believer in blood... I've always felt that the people who treated you with respect and included you in their lives were your family and the people who were related to you by blood might happen to be those people but that correlation was a lot less strong than society believes it is." - Joss Whedon

The Secret Of Life:
 The triad goes to Ariadne's hometown for her cousin's wedding.

A Higher Law (Incomplete): Just because there's no way for the three of them to get married outside a dream doesn't mean they can't thwart the system.


Way Back Into Love: After inception, Saito has a job offer for Cobb, but business is not all that's between them, not really. (Tie-in to Three Is More Than Just Company.)

Other Inception Fic

All The Little Pieces:
 We study the possessions of people who lived long ago to get a glimpse into their world, but we study the things kept by the people of today to get a glimpse into their hearts. (Mostly gen, Arthur/Eames, Ariadne/Yusuf, past!Cobb/Mal undertones.)

A Different Kind Of Uniform: Arthur doesn't wear suits because they're sophisticated and he's a snob. It's that he's still a soldier, officially or no, and the suits are just another uniform. Mild Burn Notice crossover. (Mostly gen, implied Arthur/Eames, Arthur/Michael Westen friendship.)

Never Left Behind (Incomplete): The team is hired for a simple job that becomes complicated when an old friend of Arthur's turns out to be working the same case from the other side. Now they have to figure out which one of their clients is lying, or if they both need the services they've paid for. But when one of their number is the subject of a very questionable recruitment, that's the least of their problems. (Crossover with Burn Notice. Michael/Fiona, mild Ariadne/Yusuf, Arthur/Eames pre-slash.

Architecture of Your World and Mind: Inception's not an easy job; it takes months of careful planning. These are the pre-job stages. (Genderbend, girl!Arthur/Eames, Ariadne/girl!Yusuf)

Other Fics

Family 'Verse (Primeval, Inception; Jenny Lewis/Ashley Stafford (OC), Arthur/Eames)

Just The Tequila: Jenny's just broken up with her fiance and is out at a bar, where Ashley proceeds to show her that wine is not the appropriate drink for such a time.

How The Team Found Out: This is how the various members of the ARC team find out about Jenny and Ashley.

Lovers: Ashley's had a lot of lovers, but only a few really left their mark...

Think Not (To Direct The Course Of Love): Arthur has been quietly in love with Eames for years, but never planned on doing anything about it. Post-inception, they work together and Arthur lets Eames see the real him, which has an effect on the forger that Arthur didn't plan on but certainly isn't going to be unhappy about.

Fanfic Trailers

Souls Run In Circles

Standing Outside the Fire

Ripple Effect


The Shepard Sisters: Wherever You Will Go (AMTBR tie-in)
: Focuses on Jenny and Alex Shepard and the bond they share.

Other Fanvids

Russian Roulette - The Six Wives of Henry VIII: All six of Henry's wives were tragic in their own way, and all of them deserve to be remembered.

Queens & Chancellors (I Won't Say I'm In Love): Fallen Queens in love with Lord Chancellors... Katherine of Aragon/Thomas More, Anne of Cleves/Thomas Cromwell

Tragic Romances - Like A Rose On The Grave Of Love:
 Some of my favorite ships from different fandoms, with one thing in common; their tragic endings.

One Girl Revolution - Mary & Elizabeth Tudor:
Two sisters, two Queens, two very strong women who went through hell and survived it.

My Life Would Suck Without You: Ariadne/Arthur/Eames fanvid, working together and playing together.
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