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So, I've been rather absent on LJ and Twitter lately, I do apologize. I've been drifting around the Internet but not being very sociable, that's very hermit-like of me. I should be on Twitter more, we shall see how it goes.

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On to this meme, for once not jacked from anyone, I'm starting it though I am sure that someone else has done it.

List five ways in which fandom, specific or general, has invaded real life for you.
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So, ever since I started college, and even before, I've desperately wanted to study abroad, preferably in London. Actually, it's always been London that I focused on.

Practically... I don't think it's going to happen. I changed my goal from a semester to six weeks in the summer, but even so... I haven't entirely given up hope; there's scholarships and things so maybe I still have a shot if I do my research right, but a big part of me is thinking it's just not going to happen.

I'll get there one day, it just might not be during college.

And speaking of college... I go to school in my second hometown - by which I mean, I wasn't born in this city but I've lived here or in its suburbs for half my life now, and I identify even more strongly with this place, after all that time. I don't regret it; I love my school and I love seeing the Philly skyline every day because I love this city.

But when I was a kid, up until about midway through high school, I dreamed of New York. I wanted to go to college there so badly, I wanted to live there. I know I'm not alone in this, but still. And now, the school I belong to here at my university has started a new summer program. They had another domestic one - L.A., and I was considering it - but now they have one in New York City.

When God closes a door he opens a window? I think that's a good saying to keep in mind even if you're not religious; a reminder that even if one chance slips away there's always something else good if you look right.

Maybe this program is my new window. Or maybe the door's not closed and locked yet, and London's still something I have a shot at. But if I don't... There's a lot good about the chance to work in New York. In some ways, for my resume, it might even be better.

We'll see what I can manage, shall we?
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So, the past two days have essentially been about packing up to go back to school. Yesterday was the kitchen stuff and the bedding and all that jazz, today it was my clothes. Shock of shocks, I think I'm actually developing a style, when did that happen? It seems to involve printed t-shirts, solid-colored sundresses, denim, and the black fedora that my mother and grandmother hate but I adore. Feeling oddly bittersweet this year, I think it's because summer at home was less stressful than the past two have been. Still glad to be heading back, though.

Also I rearranged my CDs and DVDs in the travel cases I keep them in. All the original cases were trashed for the sake of conserving space. I'm not sure why I felt the need to rearrange, but I did, with a pattern that may or may not be discernible to anyone not me. Some of it's obvious, some of it, not so much. :D

Shh, don't scare the muses. I watched the job-prep sequence from Inception (well, actually, I watched Mombasa through job-prep, my favorite section of the film) and a section of Tudors 1.09, and I got the literal tingling in my hands that makes me think some writing will happen tonight. Please, dear gods and angels.

I have six days (well, closer to five at this time of night) until I go back to school. Third year, we'll see how this one plays out.

On another note. I keep seeing Good Omens/Supernatural crosses where the SPN Crowley is also the GO Crowley. Now, I've not finished GO (see yesterday's post) but... That... It doesn't seem to fit, especially as I think SPN Crowley's a former human who sold his soul and GO Crowley is a fallen angel (er, sorry, an angel who "sauntered vaguely downwards"). I have a different image - it basically involves GO Crowley complaining to Aziraphale about "that crossroads twat who stole my name!" And for some reason my head wants Zira and Cas to be the angel version of twins, a concept I do not understand but cannot shake.
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So, my semester's over, except for finals, and that means when I leave campus next Wednesday, I am officially halfway done with college. Holy shit.

Lots of stuff happened this year, but in terms of fandom... I started out the year working on finishing Handmaid, which I've mentioned before as my biggest hit, though it's possible that Standing Outside the Fire, also in Tudors fandom, might match it. I have high hopes. I also fell headlong into Inception fandom, writing so much more for it than I usually do for any fandom that I was rather shocked. My muses are settling down now, to work on my WIPs in both Inception and Tudors, but to all my fellow Inception fans - aka pretty much my whole flist - thanks for the ride so far, and I don't plan on going anywhere.

Speaking of, ohfreckle has a new love meme out, and I was pretty giddy when I found mine. I love you guys too! <3
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So, did some scholarship apps tonight, so though I got no schoolwork done, I did do something  today. :) Well, technically I did get some work done, but it was in class. I don't like Design very much. It's not the profs, they're fine, I just... I don't want to know how to make a website, I want to be a reporter. Really, people. Required classes, they suck. Not always, but in this case. Also Audio/Visual from last semester sucked the same way. Only worse, because I had asshole groupmates. At least Design is solo work.

I did get some fic work done, though. The next chapter of "Architecture of Your World and Mind" is nearly complete, though unfortunately it's a lot of scene rewriting and not much new stuff. Next chapter begins a lot more scenes that are totally original, which should be fun. I'm also working on an RP scene, which is always fun. For anyone following "A Higher Law", I've not started writing the Arthur/Eames portion, which is next in the queue, but I do know where I'm going with it. I have the song quote for it, which is always a good sign for my writing. :D

On a totally unrelated topic, lots of people have been Tweeting and LJ-posting about recipes. I'm not really a cook. I can make a few basic things, but not anything that requires an actual recipe. Except one thing. Double chocolate chip cookies. Now, the recipe I follow is an online one, it's not mine and I freely admit it, but it's a good one. I made these for Thanksgiving first - with work assistance from my grandmother just to finish more quickly - and then for Christmas. I've been subsequently informed that I should make them for all the holidays. So I figure the recipe's good enough to share - especially since I have the suspicion these things are going to become my personal trademark for family gatherings or something.

I've done this with both chocolate chips and white chocolate chips, and recommend both. Also, adding walnuts - as long as no one has a nut allergy - makes them even better.

Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

The only thing I can honestly say I've come up with on my own in terms of food is a grilled cheese and pepperoni sandwich, which is... making a grilled cheese, only with pepperoni. I do advise using Hormel pepperoni and white American cheese, but other than that there's nothing to say about it.
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My friend Sam is coming to spend the weekend with me, which is great because I miss her and all my high school friends. ("Remain on the vine", and all.) What is less great about it is that I won't be around much from a couple hours from now till Sunday. I'll probably get on a few times so my flist and e-mail inbox don't get flooded (been there, done that, now I take steps to avoid it) but it won't be for long. So I probably won't be commenting at all on posts or stories - I will catch up on Sunday, promise! After I make my claims for Inception Reverse Bang, which is one more reason I'll have to jump on sometime tomorrow after 3 PM my time. *crosses fingers for some Robert/Saito*

In other news... As my rambles about my college courses imply, I'm an aspiring journalist, and yesterday I pretty much got it confirmed that I've got a job working behind the scenes for a news show on my campus radio station. The best part is, especially as the host is a friend from a class last semester, there's an option to eventually get involved in the writing and maybe even to co-host. :D :D This is important because I'll finally have something to put on my resume, which is a great thing. I think this LJ makes it clear that writing is my biggest passion, well, my career plans tie in nicely with that so I'm sure you can understand my excitement.

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So, what happens five minutes into my first class of the day - a lecture, mind you? Fire alarm goes off, and we're all sent outside into the frigid air. Lovely. Bloody February, it's too damn cold. On the brighter side, I ran into a friend from one of my classes last year who is also in the lecture and he said our former prof was asking about me. I really need to e-mail her. I keep forgetting; the shiny Internet, among other things, distracts me. She does what I want to do, though, professionally, so completely besides the fact that I loved her class, I should try to keep in touch. Her asking about me is a good sign, yes?

I am trying to do things to get myself into shape. This includes taking the seven flights of stairs to the class I'm currently in and the six flights to one of my other courses. My chest always hurts and and I am gasping at the end of it, but I keep telling myself it will fade and then I will be healthier. Assuming I don't give myself a heart attack first.

Also there is a girl sitting outside my classroom in my direct line of sight. She looks freakishly like a girl I went to grade school with, but having not seen any of those people in six years I can't be sure. We keep eyeing each other, though, and I really do think it's her. This is quite strange, it feels weird to possibly be seeing one of those kids so many years later. At least she's one of the ones I got along with, and not one of the many assholes who were among my classmates there. Maybe I'll take the alternate doorway to my classroom next week and say hello to her.
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So, I said I'd finish up writing my second semester first impressions - though to be fair, I've still not met my official Design lab prof and won't until next Wednesday, but I've met all the others now.

Human Sexuality: As previously stated, no judging! After completely forgetting that I had the old listing when the class was moved to a different building, I made it to this class with about three minutes to spare before it started. The prof turns out to be this older woman, I am pretty sure she's English. Usually I can tell New Zealander or Aussie apart from British Isles accents (I know people who can't tell at all...) because of what I think of as something similar to the American Southern drawl in the accent. No, it's probably not a similar thing at all, but it's the best label my mind can put to what my ears give it. I am not a languages expert! But I digress. So, I see this older lady and I'm thinking, "This could be... awkward." Cue her being wonderfully blunt with us from the very beginning. I think I'm going to like her as well.

Design For Journalists: She's crazy. My prof definitely has a kooky feel to her, but I am perfectly fine with this. I'd be a bit of a hypocrite if I wasn't, really. I like the class already, though; playing with computer things (beyond sites like this) is not my best skill, but with any luck all will work out overall. Here's hoping, right? At least there's no group work involved, as I said before.

Oh, update on my Construction of Race and Ethnicity and Journalism Research classes. We had a fascinating discussion today in the first, and I'm liking the prof more than I did initially, so final judgment may be soon and positive. Time will tell. As for JR... We had a guest today, the journalism librarian at the school library. She was... perky. Nice, and knew what she was talking about, but I kept wondering how much sugar and/or caffeine was in her system.

Posted my first meta piece last night, on Arthur from Inception and what his job as point man entails. It's gotten a pretty good response, which surprised me; it kind of sounded like just another of my rambles. Like this! :D Anyway, I really liked doing it, and if I get more ideas, for Inception or a different fandom, I'll definitely write another.

Semi-related, I'm researching polyamory again. Partly because I'm continuing to write OT3 fic, but it's not all set in the same universe anymore, so I'm doing some more reading to help me get a feel for ways to realistically work the relationships differently. Also I just find it interesting. And then again... I don't think I can do a paper on fandom stuff for my human sexuality class, but I am seriously considering doing the final paper on something to do with polyamory. This is what I call multitasking! :D
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So, yeah, this is not complete yet, I'll update once I've met all of my professors. Still, going to work on a rundown of them - mostly because I feel like it and this journal should have more than my occasional research and writer's block rants in terms of non-story posts. :)

Construction of Race and Ethnicity: Upper-level sociology class, taken to get me one step closer to finishing my soc minor (yeah, broadcast journalism major plus minors in soc and political science, that might have been a crazy idea...). I wanted Sociology of Religion as I've already taken a soc course on race for one of my core requirements, but it was closed. So there's this instead. It seems like it could be interesting, and I think I like the prof well enough, though I'm reserving final judgment.

Journalism Research: This prof I like. He wore a Magna Carta tie, and when I asked if it was the tie or the history, he informed me that he wears "interesting" ties. Also, he sympathized with having a family name and needing, therefore, to be very specific about one is called to avoid feeling like you're some other family member. (Note to teachers; my aunt is Kathy, I'm Kate. Thank you. Have an nice day.) The class is mostly about research (no, really?) but what I think is going to happen is that we're going to learn about ways to search on the Web that not everyone knows. *evil smile* Is it bad that my mind immediately went to how useful this could be for fic?

American Political System: Babyface! This was my first thought, because my prof looks like he could pass for a student. Reminds me of the one priest we got in my senior year of high school who had us all confused when we first saw him. "Is he a seminary student?" He was about 30 as I recall. Don't know how old the poli sci prof is. This class does a joint fill; it's required for journalism majors and helps me with my poli sci minor. He seems nice enough, though maybe a little scatterbrained. However, he purposely didn't order in our class text to the bookstore because he knows they overcharge and wants us to save money online. I kind of like that attitude. Also, he wore a tie and a suit jacket (with an appropriate shirt) with jeans. Fandom thoughts struck again as I pictured Inception's fanon!Arthur reacting to such a combination.

Design For Journalists: We had a sub for the lab portion this week. She seems nice enough, and with any luck the actual lab instructor will be too. I'm just glad I don't have to worry about group work with this class, unlike Audio/Visual for Journalists (last semester; be glad I wasn't using this as a proper blog then or else there would have been much ranting). Will report back on the lecturer tomorrow and the actual lab instructor next week.

Human Sexuality: I can hear the commentary from over here guys, don't judge me. It was basically the only interesting looking class out of a list for one of the core sections. I have this later today, I'll report back on it tomorrow along with my impressions of the Design lecturer. Again, fandom note; I desperately want to use some things I've seen in various fandoms for this class, especially the Inception Kink Meme. It's a sociology course, it could work...


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