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So, here is my much-delayed second essay/meta discussing fanfiction in general. I do want to add a disclaimer; none of these are supposed to be guidelines, per se, since I wouldn't want to tell someone how to write their fics. It's just what I've found to be true for me, and also hopefully to start discussion in the comments about what other people have found. So with that, I'm turning to a second topic - the AU, or alternate universe fic.

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So, what about you? What kinds of AUs do you like to read, which do you write, and what do you find challenging or fun about doing it?

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OK, so, before I start, a minor bit of comm-pimping. I'm trying to jump-start my dead comm, [livejournal.com profile] inception_meta, and with that in mind just posted a new discussion topic over there, so anyone interested please go check it out!

Ahem. On to the topic at hand. This is also a meta of sorts, but a more general fanfiction writing one as opposed to one for a specific fandom. I'm hoping to continue with these - I have a few ideas already and I'm open to suggestions for others. But for this one, the subject is writing crossovers.

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I made a new Inception-related comm. Jesus, what am I thinking? 

Anyway, here it is, Inception_Meta. Basically, a place for any and all meta discussions, and only meta discussions.

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OK, so, I've tackled Arthur's job as the point man (here: fae-boleyn.livejournal.com/14015.html), now I want to turn my attention to Eames' job as a forger. I don't think I have as much to say about this one, mostly because I was also trying to counter what seems to be some accepted fanon that really annoys me in the Arthur/point man meta. This one I don't really have an agenda for.
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OK, so, I keep seeing meta posts for various fandoms, but I have never done one. So here's my first try, for Inception - specifically on Arthur, everyone's favorite point man.

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