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I went to an advance screening of the new Hugh Jackman movie, Real Steel, tonight. It was pretty good, feel-good movie mixed in with an action flick vibe. And a little bit of a sports-movie feel. I'm afraid to say anything else because they actually searched us to prevent anyone recording it and I don't want Disney hunting me down over spoilers. But it was a good movie and I'd recommend it.

My fics are still going, though not in the order I'd like. SPN oneshots are coming hard and fast again, X-Men fic is being a bitch. But that's all right, I'll work it out. I've got the requisite word count for the rough draft submission, so that's enough to be going on with, shove comes to shake. Tudors got a little flash of inspiration earlier, Inception... Inception's gone quiet, hopefully not for long.

Also. One day, I will write a fic to this song. Check Yes Or No, by George Strait. No idea what fandom, but one day I will do it!
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So, I saw X-Men: First Class on Thursday. And I'm not going to do a full review of the film or anything like that, since I suspect that, like me, a lot of you have seen all I might say on your f-lists already. I will say, however, that it blew X2 and X3 completely out of the water (not at all hard with X3 and its mess they generously called a storyline, but that's another story) and, I confess, I thought it was better than X-Men 1.

Some spoilers below )

In other news, I've been, slowly but steadily, tinkering away on my Tudors and Hetalia fics, and shockingly, my Inception genderbend has actually seen some work in the past few days. I'm hoping this means that my Inception muse will be back soon, though with my X-Men muse apparently having been resurrected after over three years (going by the completion date on my single fic in the fandom), God knows what's going to happen next in my mind.


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