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Right, so... I really should have done this a long time ago, but here we are. Time to post my masterlist.

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Did this one the last time it made the rounds, but it was interesting so I'm giving it another go. Nicked from [livejournal.com profile] ilovetakahana.

Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I'll give you between one and three sentences from that story.

Applicable fandoms include any on my tags listing. To make it easier, I did tag this post to all my fandoms. :)
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So, I'm back at school, and I'm in a solo room this year. These are the bits of good news.

The bad news? I live right in the pathway of Hurricane Irene. It's getting weaker as it travels, but it's still much stronger than the storms we usually get here. The weird part? Right at this moment it's clearer outside of my window than it's been all day and night, at least judging by how well I can see the city skyline. (More good news, I finally have a neat view!) I'm not sure if this is a good sign or the literal calm before the storm, seeing as all reports had the hurricane striking at about this time and going through a good bit of tomorrow. Hoping for the former, honestly expecting the latter.

Now, in terms of fic. I finally threw in the towel where my X-Men BB is concerned; until I have a better idea how exactly to handle parts one and two, I am moving on to write the latter parts, where I actually know what I'm doing. I'm currently writing the epilogue, set in the beginning of X-Men 1. Tudors and Inception are in more or less the same boat, progressing slowly with bursts of inspiration. We'll see what I can do about that. Supernatural... I'm working on the opening oneshot right now and I created a banner for the main story arc.

Anyway, that's where things stand at the moment, so hopefully I'll have some fics for you sometime tomorrow, as my new school year kickoff. *crosses fingers*

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So, the past two days have essentially been about packing up to go back to school. Yesterday was the kitchen stuff and the bedding and all that jazz, today it was my clothes. Shock of shocks, I think I'm actually developing a style, when did that happen? It seems to involve printed t-shirts, solid-colored sundresses, denim, and the black fedora that my mother and grandmother hate but I adore. Feeling oddly bittersweet this year, I think it's because summer at home was less stressful than the past two have been. Still glad to be heading back, though.

Also I rearranged my CDs and DVDs in the travel cases I keep them in. All the original cases were trashed for the sake of conserving space. I'm not sure why I felt the need to rearrange, but I did, with a pattern that may or may not be discernible to anyone not me. Some of it's obvious, some of it, not so much. :D

Shh, don't scare the muses. I watched the job-prep sequence from Inception (well, actually, I watched Mombasa through job-prep, my favorite section of the film) and a section of Tudors 1.09, and I got the literal tingling in my hands that makes me think some writing will happen tonight. Please, dear gods and angels.

I have six days (well, closer to five at this time of night) until I go back to school. Third year, we'll see how this one plays out.

On another note. I keep seeing Good Omens/Supernatural crosses where the SPN Crowley is also the GO Crowley. Now, I've not finished GO (see yesterday's post) but... That... It doesn't seem to fit, especially as I think SPN Crowley's a former human who sold his soul and GO Crowley is a fallen angel (er, sorry, an angel who "sauntered vaguely downwards"). I have a different image - it basically involves GO Crowley complaining to Aziraphale about "that crossroads twat who stole my name!" And for some reason my head wants Zira and Cas to be the angel version of twins, a concept I do not understand but cannot shake.
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I need to get ahold of Good Omens. I do have a PDF on my computer, so I can read that I guess, but PDF reading is tedious as all get out. I should know; I did it recently with Pride and Prejudice as well as several school textbooks. Which won't stop me from seeking free PDFs of my textbooks for this semester; saving money is good, but when reading for fun... My library doesn't have it, though they did have Anansi Boys. I can forgive them a little.

But seriously. I was reading the PDF until I got irritated with the format, and now I desperately want either a hard copy or a Kindle copy - oh, wait, Kindle didn't have it last time I checked. That was why I ended up with American Gods. (I'm noticing a pattern here.) Sigh. And sigh again. At this rate the PDF's looking better and better, to be honest. (And from looking at the cover page on the PDF, with Aziraphale and Crowley, I cannot get the image of Max Brown playing Aziraphale out of my head. He... may not be blond enough, but even so. Help!)

On other topics, I'm writing again. slowly but surely. I've tinkered with the Inception genderbend and the OT3 wedding fic. My plan to set off the start of a new school year right is to spend the weekend (once I've moved) in alternating between immersion in various canons and then writing in them. I may also borrow the freewriting strategy from NCIS' Timothy McGee. If that happens, I do not know what I will come out with and in what fandom, but I'll certainly be nice and share it.

I'm working on chapter 15 of Standing Outside the Fire, and for anyone who actually knows/cares about the Tudors, you'll understand the significance when I say I'm writing my version of late 1.08 into 1.09, also known as the Blackfriars Trial stuff. For those not in the know... This is a milestone. It's a tense situation and it's making me tense when I write it. But I'm enjoying it; as I recently discovered when the sheer level of angst in Supernatural fic had me seeking shelter, court intrigues are apparently my happy place/comfort zone. I'm sure this says something about me, I'm just... not sure what. Also, this fic, which began partly as a fusion between three challenges on the Tudors forum, has now added elements of a fourth in the 1536 arc. Dear God, what am I doing to myself?

Speaking of Supernatural, I need more canon immersion, but... I have a feeling I'm not going to leave Adam in Hell or Gabriel dead. Adam because that's just not fair, can't that kid catch a break? Gabriel... Um. I really, really like him. I probably shouldn't. But I do. (Also he's cute. Speaking of cute, and back to Adam, I remember Jake Abel from the Percy Jackson movie as well... When between his appearances there and in Supernatural did he grow into his face and get cute?) I will need to find out how to have the Winchesters meeting human!Castiel after about three years (in which I think they believed he was dead) without too much freaking melodrama because I don't like melodrama.

Back to things actually written, my X-Men BB is slowly coming along. I'm having trouble getting to Points B and C from A, mostly because I know what happens from C to F (or something like that) but before then is a little murky. My Inception fic doesn't seem to want to do much, but as I said, I'm hoping a movie rewatch and maybe reading some fic because I haven't in a while will get the juices flowing again. My Hetalia fics seem to be stalled, I need to do something about that as well.

The trick is to not kill any of my muses while trying to revive others. Oh, and there will be school and quite possibly an internship as well. This is going to be an interesting time, isn't it? And I'll be 21 this November; drinking age here in the States. I'm not sure I care as drinking is not much of a thing for me, but... Still.

Hey, at least the Phillies are number one in the NL East. :D I may or may not have a bit of a thing for newcomer pitcher Vance Worley. And his adorkable glasses. And the mohawk, which usually I don't like. *ponders*
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First, LJ, what the fuck. Again? Things do seem to be improving though, slowly but surely, which is a good thing overall.

Second. Supernatural, what the fuck. I spend six seasons avoiding you, what the bloody hell is this? Oh, I know what it is. S6 spoilers, and the fact that they vaguely remind me of a certain season 4 plot in Charmed, one that never fails to get my hackles up. Which means, catch-up time, and if I'm right... Well. I don't like when this kind of thing happens, I'm going to do a fix-it attack again.

I didn't need another fandom. Bloody hell. But I've been watching, and I like it. I knew I would, which is why I avoided it. But, I guess with most of my paranormal shows long off the air, it was time I found another one. Or something. Help?

Muses are still not cooperating, except for the X-Men one. I should probably watch episodes 1.08 and 1.09 of The Tudors again, not to mention Inception. But trying to coax out one or two muses without disrupting others is... tricksy. Speaking of X-Men, though, I've been watching the movies again and... Um, why did they only need a babysitter in X2? OK, so a mutant's attacked the President and he could declare all mutants under arrest, but... In X1, the mansion had clearly been infiltrated and the result was that Professor X nearly died. Speaking of him, wouldn't they need someone to keep an eye on him in case his condition changed? Did they call someone and it never came up?

And another thing. The last scene of X1, where Charles and Erik are playing chess. Erik asks if Charles worries about the school coming under attack, and when Charles comes out with that great line about feeling bad for someone who comes to the school looking for trouble... Am I the only one who got the impression he was all but threatening Erik? As if it were Erik he thought would attack? Admittedly, he's a bit justified since Mystique attacked him at the school, but even so... It struck me as odd for some reason.

(I'm overthinking again, aren't I?)

On another, more amusing note, at work on Monday, this kid - five going on fourteen, according to his dad - playing on... I think a Nintendo DS. Anyway, so I ask him what the game is called, it's Penguin something. So I say I've never heard of it, and with a straight face and surprisingly deadpan tone for a kid his age I get "They didn't have this game when you were a kid." My bagger and I looked at each other and then burst out laughing.

I'm twenty. This kind of comment has never been directed at me before. I was vaguely unsettled but mostly amused as all hell. Besides, he's right.
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So, I've never talked about Anita Blake on my LJ before, but I just read Hit List and... And... I don't. What. LKH, did you just...?

Spoilers Below - You Were Warned )

I just want to know what's next; it has to be the potential U.S. Council. Who's likely to be on it (I feel we'll be seeing Auggie, Samuel, and Max again, and some new Masters/Mistresses of Cities), how are they going to set it up, so on and so forth. More vamp politics, which makes me happy because I really, really like vamp politics. And Edward. And the investigation-focused novels (largely because a lot of them also involve Edward).

In other news. The X-Men Big Bang is trucking along, but the ensemble cast seems to be growing. That wasn't in the design! Sigh. But at any rate, I'm having fun developing the 'verse, especially as this is not going to be one story and done. It's really fun to create AUs, I'm kind of hooked on it, honestly. Interestingly, I find that Charles has a temper and Erik is really, really snide when he's defensive/ticked off. Sigh, boys. They're also both in different flavors of denial, I kinda want to smack them.

But the good news is, there is Darwin! :D And I hope no one kills me for OCs.

My other fics are at a crawl if not a standstill, which is annoying. I should watch Inception and Tudors again, I need to kickstart something, Jesus Christ. *adds to to-do list*

Oh, and I need to look into internships. For, y'know, my real life career plans. I hate being an almost-adult some days.
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Nicked from [livejournal.com profile] dreadly , because I need some muse kickstarting.

Leave three - five words in the comments below and I’ll write you a 100 word drabble (at least).

Please specify the pairing that you want! :D

So. Arthur/Eames, Ariadne/Yusuf (my genderbent versions of these first two are also allowed), Robert/Saito, Robert/Saito/Ariadne, Ariadne/Arthur/Eames, Cobb/Saito, Charles/Erik, Alex/Darwin, America/England, and Edward Seymour/Anne Stanhope.

I offer many options in hopes of more muse help.
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So, I saw X-Men: First Class on Thursday. And I'm not going to do a full review of the film or anything like that, since I suspect that, like me, a lot of you have seen all I might say on your f-lists already. I will say, however, that it blew X2 and X3 completely out of the water (not at all hard with X3 and its mess they generously called a storyline, but that's another story) and, I confess, I thought it was better than X-Men 1.

Some spoilers below )

In other news, I've been, slowly but steadily, tinkering away on my Tudors and Hetalia fics, and shockingly, my Inception genderbend has actually seen some work in the past few days. I'm hoping this means that my Inception muse will be back soon, though with my X-Men muse apparently having been resurrected after over three years (going by the completion date on my single fic in the fandom), God knows what's going to happen next in my mind.
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I got my pic for Reverse Bang! See here! I don't know the name of the artist yet, but I loved this piece, so yay! It seems that [livejournal.com profile] yanethyrael has my A/A/E manip, but last I checked my A/R/S one was not claimed. ;_; (Which just told you which ones I did, but IDEC at this point.)

Also, I decided to make a new Twitter exclusively for fandom things so that my other one, which is under my name, can eventually be used for RL career things.

I had a great weekend with my friend who came to visit, especially once we dragged our other friend out of his dorm room - he lives in the building next to mine, but is as bad as I am with being a hermit. We had fun being silly and laughing our butts off, it's basically what we do when we're together and it makes me happy. It felt like we never left high school, in the best possible way, so :D :D :D!

Sometime tonight I have homework to do, but right now I'm trying not to think about that. I also have fic to work on, let's see what ends up being written next. The wedding fic is still being a bitch, though I think Torchwood fans will be pleased with a cameo I have planned in the A/E section. I've been going through TV Tropes' section on Wedding And Engagement Tropes, but no luck so far. There's also the [livejournal.com profile] inception_poly  exchange fic, a Robert/Saito prequel to a planned movie AU (the same universe as my A/R/S fic Chills), and I am getting so-far unclear but strongly there ideas involving genderbend fic. Seems to be shaping up with Ariadne/girl!Yusuf femslash and girl!Arthur/Eames het, I don't know what will happen but it should be interesting.

As for my Tudors work... I finally get to write the good stuff for SOTF, woot! As for my other pieces, well, I'm working on that.
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So, first bit, I'm also stealing that WIP meme that everyone seems to be doing...

Jesus Christ, what is this, I don't even... )

On an almost totally unrelated subject, what do you guys want to see from the four weddings in my upcoming A/A/E kink meme fill? I'm thinking the reality ones between the three couples my triad can break off into will be fairly simple, but if anyone has any suggestions on details (like clothes for example, I am not a clothes horse and don't know where to begin looking for that stuff) I am very open to hearing it. I do not want to be guilty of the Did Not Do The Research trope. (And I think I just figured out how to make word links... Wicked.) Beyond that, I've only been to three weddings in my life, and of them I was only really paying attention to one (the first I was too young, the second was outdoors in October and it was bloody cold). Never been the type to daydream about my own, so I haven't thought very much about weddings before.

And for something totally different, be glad your father was not Charles I, Holy Roman Emperor. He was just a little too concerned about his son Philip's sex life - telling him to restrict how often he slept with his wife, for one thing. Granted, Charles' uncle died as a teenager and the records suggest it was overexertion with his new wife that helped do it (and he wasn't the first of his family to have this little issue), but still. Between that and the other Trastamara problem of inbreeding, not to mention the Plantagenets' tendency to kill each other and the Tudors' struggles to have healthy kids boys, it's a wonder these royal families lasted as long as they did! The French look like they did slightly better, but their no female-line inheritance (not even the sons of royal daughters) meant that the line kept moving to different branches of the family. This may have helped.

Pardon the random geekery at the end here.

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First off, hello to new friends! I am so terribly behind pretty much everyone else on this... and sadly I don't have pretty pics or anything like that to welcome you because I'm not really very good at that kind of thing. Or, well... I do have a link to a wonderful manip I found on Tumblr, will that do? fuckyeaharthurandeames.tumblr.com/post/3010188730/he-doesnt-know-by-rainbowcolored77-eames-knows It is sad, which doesn't really fit me saying hello, but it's pretty and very well done and it left me very impressed. (And I am not being condescending.)

(God, I am so ridiculously bad at this.)

Mostly if I'm not putting fic on your flists, you'll get some kind of random musings on the state of whatever I'm working on - or should be working on - and some of the fic won't be Inception. Or sometimes RL stuff, it depends. Usually somehow fic-related, though. But about the fics... I know I have someone out there waiting for Burn Notice/Inception crossover, and after some failed ideas and some rewatching of Season 2, which I have just bought, I think I am getting somewhere. My [livejournal.com profile] inception_poly  fic exchange fic is about half-done, not good since the deadline is coming, but I do know what is going to happen. Just a matter of sitting down and making it so.

The Tudors muse is stirring again, I may actually finish chapters this time! All it took was reading about Isabel of Castile, Philip II of Spain, and Eleanor of Aquitaine. None of whom are Tudors. But if it works I am not complaining. Also I need a new Arthur/Eames idea, but I got nothing. To the kink meme, I think. Inability to write smut is crippling sometimes though... But I won't start writing it just because of that, not when I doubt it would actually be good.

Also, please check out my new comm, [livejournal.com profile] inception_meta . (I will probably be pimping it for a while.)

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Title: Standing Outside The Fire
Fandom: Tudors
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The greatest rivals sometimes make the greatest allies. When two English families united in 1515, no one could know that it would change the fate of England - forever.
Author's Note: I know most of you who follow my LJ are not here for the Tudors fic, but give it a shot? You never know, you might like it, and it's severely AU, so knowledge of the show will likely not be required.

Chapter one is here: fae-boleyn.livejournal.com/18044.html

Settling In )


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Title: Standing Outside The Fire
Fandom: Tudors
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The greatest rivals sometimes make the greatest allies. When two English families united in 1515, no one could know that it would change the fate of England - forever.
Author's Note: I know most of you who follow my LJ are not here for the Tudors fic, but give it a shot? You never know, you might like it, and it's severely AU, so knowledge of the show will likely not be required.

Welcome To The Family )


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Hi, guys. So, this is kind of a plea for help here. Does anyone know where I might find good information on civil ceremonies in the U.S, U.K., and France? I've got this weddings fic which is kicking my ass royally, and I have no idea what to do with it.

Speaking of, Inception people, if you were writing three civil ceremonies, one Arthur/Ariadne, one Arthur/Eames, and one Eames/Ariadne (not to mention the dream triad wedding I'm going to have), how simple/fancy would you have them be? I'm leaning toward simple for the couples, and more elaborate in dream, but... Meh. Why did I decide to fill this prompt? Oh yeah, because it was sweet. That may be the case, but it's also terribly stubborn. Then again, I don't write much in the way of wedding stuff. Not in this century, anyway... That says something. I'm not sure what, but something.

Also it is time for me to beat my Tudor muse into submission. I don't like writing bb!Boleyn-Seymours, I need to get the hell out of this extended prologue so I'm working with adults. Except for Mary Tudor, but I don't mind writing her, I got plenty of practice in Handmaid. And as far as Handmaid-verse goes, I think I'm close to a breakthrough in the sequel, probably involving Prince Philip and Princess Cecily snarking at each other. (I may use A/E for inspiration; why not, right?)

Still tinkering with the BN/Inception fic and other stories connected with it. I'm trying to reconcile the near mind-rape that extraction is with the stuff Michael does, which is tricky to wrap my head around. Maybe I should change the commonly held idea that the rest of the inception team would stick with purely criminal, corporate work post-inception. Maybe that was Dom's thing, not Arthur's... Hmm. Worth a shot.

And I keep forgetting to make a Burn Notice tag... I should probably make Inception pairing tags too. And finish linking my A/A/E series fics. At least I finally put my kink meme fills on the fill list... Yeah, no, that's not really that impressive in the face of my general lack of neatness, is it? Saito would not be happy with me.
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So, once again my Tudor muse has slunk back into the corner and left Inception-muse alone. Or rather not, because here's AMTBR again. You see, a while back I created a tie-in universe to my AMTBR series in order to explore a pairing I hadn't been able to fit into any of the main stories - that was my first foray into slash, a femslash canon/OC pairing. The crew over on the Primeval Denial comm (Christ, I have to get back over there) liked it well enough; that's one of the few groups I've seen where OC/canon romance works very well; probably because they have a line-up of fanon characters that are shared amongst writers.

Anyway, those of you who have read my A/A/E "Three Is More Than Just Company" series or my A/E fic "No Questions Asked" met alternate versions of said OC; Arthur's friend Ashley Stafford. I'm thinking of making their relationship a little closer - no, not romantically, think stepsiblings. I'm also thinking of doing a living version of Arthur's twin from "Ghost of a Rose", because I really liked Aubrey and I wonder what the real her would be like. Take that and an idea I had about my American answer to Torchwood, DESI, about agents' kids being recruited almost automatically, and I think I may have another oneshot series idea in my head. Arthur/Eames and Ariadne/Yusuf this time, I think; if I can maybe I'll even slip in some Saito/Fischer, along with the established Ashley/Jenny Lewis ship. If I have Aubrey... IDK, another OC maybe? Or Cobb? Weird idea, that. I will consider it.

You may have noticed a pattern with me - I seem to do a lot with Arthur. I don't know why he comes most easily to me, but he does and has from day one; my first Inception fic was basically an Arthur character study, and the theme was set. I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing, it's just odd. I don't usually have this kind of thing happen, not so determinedly, but then, until recently all I wrote was OC-centric fics. *ponders* Granted, I am now toying with a Saito/Fischer/Ariadne AU (or perhaps not, if the top didn't fall...) so maybe that's a sign that I'm branching out?

In the meantime... I'm working on the next few fics in the "Three Is More..." series, jumping around them as I usually do. Ariadne's family is fun in my head, but why is writing happy-yet-quirky families so difficult? I didn't have nearly this much trouble with Arthur, Eames, and their less pleasant family stuff. More proof of a brain hard-wired for angst, apparently. Next up is a pair of kink meme fills, this really cute marriage one and another one I'd rather not say because it's a spoiler. (Though if you've read my other rambles and noticed some of my odd research topics you already know or can work out what's up next.) And I am still debating a question I've had for some time: to write smut or not to write smut? I don't know, we'll see. They do have a honeymoon coming up, but... (Perhaps read more Anita Blake for inspiration?)

I really think I need to kickstart my Tudor muse, though. New chapters are sitting half-finished on my flash drive and it's annoying. Time for more research or maybe some episode rewatching. As for AMTBR... I could watch older seasons of Primeval, Charmed, Doctor Who/Torchwood, or NCIS, I have some DVDs plus there's the Internet. Basically, I am fighting the inception placed on me by the film of the same name. I don't want to stop writing Inception fic, I would just like a happy medium, muses!


Dec. 30th, 2010 10:24 pm
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Title: Handmaid
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Tudors
Pairings: Henry VIII/Katherine of Aragon, Henry VIII/Anne Boleyn, Katherine of Aragon/Anne Boleyn (yes, you read that right). There are lots of other pairings among the secondary cast, but these are the primary ones.
Summary: "Then Rachel said, 'Here is my maid Bilhah, go into her... and even I may have children through her.'" (Genesis, 30:3) In a world where a sonless king's options go above and beyond annulment, two women's fates will be drastically changed.
Author's Note: I'm not posting the entirety of a 43-chapter fic here when it's already complete on fanfiction.net, so I'm just giving you the link. Also, if you're on this LJ, I'm aware it's likely my Inception fic that's brought you here. I hope you'll give this a try anyway, as it's quite possibly the best thing I've ever written. I don't think you need much if any prior knowledge of the show/time period, but since I was an avid viewer of the show and am an amateur Tudor scholar, I may not be the best judge.

Link: www.fanfiction.net/s/5488685/1/Handmaid


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