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So, I picked this blog post up from [livejournal.com profile] _profiterole_'s LJ, and... Well, it doesn't surprise me, really. Now, I'm not going to say that every agent will reject a YA book for having a gay character or a poly character in it - the writers themselves acknowledge that.

But the fact that it could be one of the reasons and in some cases is? Yeah, that gets to me. YA books, in my view, should not have, say, explicit sex scenes or really much romance beyond kissing, but that's for any sort of pairing. And the teens who read these books? Some of them are going to be gay. Simple statistics. Don't they deserve protagonists they can identify with just as much as the straight teens?

You'd think so, wouldn't you?

It's one nice thing about fanfic, I'll have to say that. We might not always be right about how we interpret canon, and some of our pairings are quite frankly ridiculous and would never happen outside of our heads, but we can do it. We can write any kind of relationship that we want, and while I know the rep for slash fans is that we all just like writing porn of pretty boys, I don't believe that. It's in there, sure, but that's not the only thing we like - I think I can say that, having written slash and poly fics that get a fair bit of good feedback despite the total lack of smutty content.

I'm getting off my soapbox now.
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So, I just spent the better part of the last two hours tracking down info on Libya to condense into an info page for tomorrow's radio show broadcast. And... I don't even know. I think I just found the downside to being a journalist, that's for damn sure.

It's the same feeling I had last week, when I was hunting down the latest on Japan. I mean, I'm thrilled in a way, one that I can't entirely explain. But for years now, every major crisis, my head has been split between feeling terrible for the people involved and wishing desperately that I was old enough and qualified enough to cover it myself. I didn't realize before how wrenching it can be, and I'm just gathering info from news sources and putting it together.

I wish that there was something I could actually do. You know, something besides typing stuff up for the hosts of the show to read out tomorrow and discuss while I work the sound board and make sure everyone actually hears what they have to say. Of course, part of me wishes I could join in the conversation, but that again is a product of what seems to be my split consciousness. I have ambition, and I have my dreams, and I don't feel guilty about that. But I don't think it really occurred to me, deep down, the stuff I'm going to have to work with.

This is the start, and I'm going to have to get used to it. Because when I'm actually out there it's going to be a lot harder. I just have to remember that this is doing something, I'm not just a helpless observer anymore. I think maybe that can be enough, or I certainly hope so anyway.
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Absolutely not. I'm a journalism major with great respect for freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and the public's right to know, but like all rights, these have to be exercised with caution. The sort of thing Assange did goes against basic journalistic ethics, not to mention all traditions of war reporting. There's a reason journalists embedded with the military don't talk about everything. It's dangerous. The last thing we need is for the opposing side to get ahold of this information and use it to hurt more of our soldiers. In most things, I support transparency, but not when it endangers lives like this.

The corporate stuff, though, yeah, sure, leak that. You're not getting anyone killed that way.
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It's a damn good thing no one uses my computer but me. I have bookmarked some interesting things lately, and read over others. The various fan wikis and Tudor info sites aren't that bad, but... I just bookmarked three different webpages (Wikipedia, a question/answer site, and a Fox News article) on superfecundity. That would be twins who are also half-siblings. Yep, twins with separate fathers. Why am I researching this, do you ask? Well... OT3s. That is all. Or OT3+s, since I also read Anita Blake and have been known to dabble in that fandom. No plans to bring any kids into the Anitaverse (or even to write there, atm) so it's curiosity there, but I do have plans to bring kids in elsewhere. Should be interesting.

Oh, and Inception is haunting me. It's not just the fandom, which is sucking me in like nobody's business, but just... My RA had the idea to decorate our hallway with a "journeys" theme, complete with quotes talking about journeys. So what should be right across from my freaking doorway but a printout of the "You're waiting for a train..." speech? (Inception fans will know why that is creepy as hell.) Then my roommate decided to sing "Non Je Ne Regrette Rien". I vaulted out of the bedroom into the kitchen to ask her if she was singing what I thought she was singing. This is worse than me being able to draw Tudor parallels to basically every writer in my political philosophy class - including Mencius, Confucius, and Marx. No, I do not remember what Marx comparison I used, I dearly wish I did. And yes, I am a geek. Oh well. It happens.
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So, I was reading this editorial, and  suddenly I feel like I'm eleven years old again, sitting in the principal's office while she grasps at straws trying to tell me why it's my fault that a few of my classmates are threatening to jump me.

At the time, I was a student in the Philadelphia public district (and my 8th grade teacher wondered why she couldn't talk me out of going to Catholic high school). Thank God, something like this never happened to me, but it could have. And somehow I doubt anyone in power would have. What I don't understand is how the people in charge in Philadelphia can do this. I know some of them have kids of their own; if it was their kid they'd be up in arms over it. But because it's troublesome to worry about this, they do nothing. Oh, they have hearings, but nothing really gets done. And the one time they have an organization that actually makes progress? They cause the district public embarrassment, so they've got to go. And money, of course there's the almighty dollar, but they'd find the cash to upgrade anything to do with a high school's athletic program - especially if it's football.

Are the students who are getting tormented verbally, emotionally, and physically worth less than the district's image or new sports equipment? Apparently so. Which is why I left the district, and it's why people will keep leaving. Clearly, there is a message here, but it doesn't seem to be getting through.


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