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So, if you're at my journal, then you probably know that I am, primarily, a fanfiction writer. You might not know, however, that I want to write origfic. (Granted, I think a lot of fanwriters dream of actually being a writer themselves.) I went into journalism because I enjoy it, but also because... Well... I thought it was more practical than pursuing writing.

I'm not so sure now.

Seems like the odds of success in both fields are stacked against you, and if I'm being honest with myself, I have a passion for fiction that surpasses all my other passions, including my journalistic one. My history passion keeps wanting to dovetail with it - the trick there is that I want to write a Tudor-era novel. I do not want to write about Anne Boleyn, who has had way too much exposure - so has Katherine of Aragon - and though I understand why this is true, it irks me. The fall of Katherine/rise of Anne and then Anne's fall are high drama, after all. I'm considering writing about my own favorite Queen, Katherine Parr, which will take considerable time. Especially tracking down resources on her.

That isn't the only problem. And here's where my subject line comes in. Because I've got something in the back of my mind. A modern-era fantasy of some kind, in which magicals come in three flavors (well, three human flavors), and the three groups aren't fans of each other. And I have a pair of twins, Natalie and Nathaniel. Whoever named them in-verse thought the matching was "cute". This is subject to change. They run a magic shop. I know that Nathaniel is gay and Natalie is straight. I know that they're bastards (in the literal sense, they are born out of wedlock), that they're mixed blood of two of the magical types, and I know that their father is a mage. The mages have a court, and he is high-ranking. I know the basics of their world, but I don't want to go into too much detail here.

I don't seem to have a plot yet. I guess all I can do for now is keep letting it sit there, and hope it develops further - the concept of the three types of magic popped into my head on a bus trip, more or less fully formed, after all - but this is decidedly frustrating.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]The odd thing is, the biggest bully in my life wasn't actually a bully, not really. But she was an enabler, and she was an enabler in power. I'm talking about my principal at my second grade school, Mrs. McCarthy.

When I was in fifth grade, I was bullied. Well, actually, I had been the target of occasional teasing by a couple of kids from first to fourth grade in my first grade school, but that was more kid squabbling than bullying. And I was teased and left as the outcast from the second I began at my second grade school in March of fourth grade. But fifth grade was the worst, because our teacher was chronically absent, and the closest thing we had to an adult authority was a parade of inept (and sometimes non-English speaking, which in an American school seems unwise) substitutes.

I kept quiet about the bullying until a couple of kids threatened to jump me when I was walking home from school. I was scared, obviously - picture a 4 foot 10, scrawny eleven year old with frizzy hair - and so I finally told my mother, who went right to McCarthy. Who proceeded to call me down to her office and explain to me how and why the bullying was my fault.

And for the next two years she basically treated me like I was a horrible person whenever she saw me, until I won a contest that made the school look good and then I was suddenly one of her favorite people.

What I learned from her was that the people who were supposed to help me weren't going to; in fact, they would blame me if that made things easier. I think that was in some ways worse than anything the kids said to me; I've figured out how to tame my frizzy hair, my pimples are gone, and I'm working on trying not to assume that my friends will turn on me the way my "friends" did back then. But not even being able to go to the people who are supposed to help? That really did a number on my faith in those I'm supposed to be able to rely on.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]The odd part is that I actually do remember very specifically where I was, what was going on around me, all of that. I don't remember much from fifth grade all that clearly, so it's... strange.We'd just come back in from morning recess and we were having our English lesson, talking about James and the Giant Peach. They must have told the teachers while we were at recess, though, because the PA came on and kids were still talking, ignoring it like always. My teacher snapped "Be quiet, this is very important!" so she had to know from... somewhere. That was the first clue something was not right; my teacher was usually pretty laid-back. Anyway, they said first that we were being dismissed early and kids were all excited. I remember I wasn't; I hated my grade school so I had all the days off and early dismissal days memorized. I knew this wasn't one of them, so something was going on and it couldn't be good. But I was expecting something like a malfunction in the boiler room or something wrong in the building. 

Then they told us there'd been an attack. No specifics, which led to some confusion because my teacher thought the Sears Tower (which I want to say is in Chicago but I could be wrong) had also been hit. So, anyway, I walked home when we were dismissed, came into the house and my mother and grandmother were watching it on TV. I just... sat down on the floor in my usual spot and stared at the TV. It seemed like a movie. Still kind of does, when I see the archive footage being played again. I also remember my friend being terrified that all tall buildings were a target, and I had to talk her down. I wasn't worried about our neighborhood, because it was residential, and no one's going after random apartment buildings. But I live in Philadelphia, and I was worried about our downtown. Obviously nothing happened, but I'm willing to bet I'm not the only one from a large city who spent a good while half-expecting to hear we'd just been hit.

I've heard people say they remember where they were when Pearl Harbor got attacked or when Kennedy was shot. I never really understood that when I was little... But here I am with the same kind of story, and I know my friends who I didn't know back then do too. Hell, we've talked about it, it's actually come up in conversation and it's strange how much you really do remember. I just hope the kids who are too young to remember 9/11, who are growing up now, never have anything that proves to them just how you can remember where you were on a certain day, for a certain event.
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Technically speaking, we already know this. The epilogue and interviews with JKR tell us. He's going to become an Auror, eventually running the Auror Office, he's going to marry Ginny and have three kids named James Sirius, Albus Severus, and Lily Luna Potter. I figure he'll also be best man when Ron and Hermione tie the knot, and that he'll never entirely get away from the press wanting to find out everything about him.

Yes, my view of the future for Harry is epilogue-compliant. I know a lot of people hate it, for the pairings or the kids' names (and hey, Hugo, what is that, at least Albus Severus and Scorpius have justifications for their names) or the sheer quaint cheesiness of it. But to be perfectly honest? After all the hell they went through, I can't think of anything better for the Golden Trio than happy futures, cheesy or otherwise. They earned it, after all.

And for those who just can't stomach it, there's always AU, and as far as that's concerned... I know enough about AU to know that there's no predicting how Harry's future in any of those will play out.


Jul. 1st, 2011 09:56 pm
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Another meme, once again a writing exercise.

So, here goes, nicked from [livejournal.com profile] sour_idealist . Pick one [or more!] of my icons. I will (try my best to) write you at least one sentence of something vaguely resembling fiction based on said icon. I've just gone through and cut down on my userpics so I could have room to add, but there's still a fair few. :) I'll also do your icons if it's a fandom we share.

And there's another I wanted to do, a thirty day one with a list of fanfiction-based questions that I swear someone on my flist had, but I have searched up and down and I cannot find it. This is unfortunate. Sigh. *is irritated*

In other news, I'm on a semi-diet and even though I'm bouncing between a few points on the scale, it does seem to be working. Here's hoping it continues. I really shouldn't have let it go as far as it did, though at least I don't think I hit the unhealthy mark, just the "a little too plump to be good" point. Meh.

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There's a few, honestly, these days. The Memoirs of Cleopatra and The Autobiography of Henry VIII, both by Margaret George. Mademoiselle Boleyn by Robin Maxwell. David Starkey's Six Wives (of Henry VIII). White Oleander by Janet Fitch, for years now.

I love historical fiction, which explains the first three. And Tudor history, which along with the fact that I write Tudor alternate history explains why so much of my repeat reading is set in that era. Cleopatra's fascinating, so I enjoy reading about her world, even fictionalized. Margaret George and Robin Maxwell are also the most skilled historical fiction writers I have ever read, though C.W. Gortner is a close second to them and Philippa Gregory would tie with him if she would stop throwing half the research she does out the damn window.

White Oleander, though... It's just my favorite book of all time. Has been for years, may always be. I'm not even sure what to say about it except read it, even if it's not your usual genre. It's not mine either.
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Hmm. I don't know what ways I would want my double to differ, but I know of various ways in which she could. There have been a few points in my life that could have changed me considerably. If I never moved from my original hometown, for one thing. I'd be drastically different and I know that. Or the reverse, if my mom had left my dad right after I was born and I spent my entire childhood in Philly (most likely). There was also the almost-move to San Diego with my father's work when I was seven. That one always inspires terrifying thoughts of myself as the stereotypical Californian. (Note to any CA readers, that is not an insult to real Californians, although the stereotype itself might be.)

I figure the version who never left the small town wouldn't have the same sarcastic bent or vaguely twisted mental processes, and quite likely would never have found fanfic, since I was introduced to it after I moved. That thought makes me sad. The version who grew up in Philly... Well, she'd be so utterly different I can't even say for sure. Probably no interest in sci-fi or fantasy, though, maybe not even nearly as much of a bookworm. That all did begin with my father's influence, after all. They might be simpler girls, less vaguely messed up, but who knows?

I think I like myself as I am best, dents and all. (And if you read my post this morning, you'll notice I'm feeling better now. Thank God.)
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Um... Hmm. OK, this probably seems kind of cheesy, since they're both from Disney movies and all, but... I really, truly, can't decide between Reflection from Mulan (the version in the film, not the Christina Aguilera one, though that is gorgeous too) or Where Do I Go From Here? from Pocahontas 2: Journey to a New World. I've loved these songs forever, and they've just suited me since I was a little girl. And they still do.
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Absolutely not. I'm a journalism major with great respect for freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and the public's right to know, but like all rights, these have to be exercised with caution. The sort of thing Assange did goes against basic journalistic ethics, not to mention all traditions of war reporting. There's a reason journalists embedded with the military don't talk about everything. It's dangerous. The last thing we need is for the opposing side to get ahold of this information and use it to hurt more of our soldiers. In most things, I support transparency, but not when it endangers lives like this.

The corporate stuff, though, yeah, sure, leak that. You're not getting anyone killed that way.


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