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Title: A Wheel In Constant Motion
Fandom: Supernatural, vague reference to Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
Series: Outrunning The Bad Luck Tailing Us
Characters: Gabriel, Castiel, references to some pagan gods, Aziraphale, Crowley, and Dean Winchester
Summary: Some snapshots of the angelic brothers through the years.
Author's Note: Jimmy Novak is not Cas' vessel in this 'verse, because, well... Jimmy would have to be over a thousand years old then, or else we'd have weird timey-wimey ball stuff. So it's his ancestor, but they look the same. Only so many combinations in a gene pool, you know. Or something. Doctor Who explains it better. Gabriel and Castiel's little obsessions are explained by Gabe being the patron saint of telecommunications and Cas being associated with travel, among other things. The John Constantine reference comes from my reading somewhere that Castiel was originally supposed to be him before licensing got in the way, hence what I hear is a wardrobe similarity?
Disclaimer: Yeah, no, not mine.

Why is it that Anansi is upset with you, but I'm the one tangled in a giant web? )
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Title: Mutually Beneficial
Fandom: Supernatural, crossover with Neil Gaiman's American Gods
Series: Outrunning The Bad Luck Tailing Us (series has a name now!)
Characters: Gabriel, Loki, Shadow (briefly), Castiel (mentioned)
Summary: This is how the Archangel Gabriel became the pagan god Loki, for all official purposes.
Author's Note: And the pre-canon fics continue! Well, mostly; this fic is also, technically, a bit of a pre-episode tag to 5.08, Changing Channels, but nothing major.
Disclaimer: Yeah, no, not mine.

Now, doesn't that sound nice? )
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Title: Look To The Western Sky
Fandom: Supernatural, implied crossover with the novel Mary, Called Magdalene by Margaret George
Characters: Gabriel, Castiel, mentions of Lucifer, Raphael, Michael, and Zachariah
Summary: Gabriel's departure does not go entirely unnoticed, and a conversation at the edge of Heaven leaves a young angel with a life-changing decision.
Author's Note: This is probably the only SPN fic you'll see from me for a while, except some other Gabriel and Castiel pre-series ones, maybe. I need to do more canon immersion before I can start to AU the actual show, after all.

Oh, and extra points if you can identify what song the title is taken from.

Well, there's an easy solution to that. )


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