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So I came to an odd conclusion while I was on the train home this weekend, listening to "I'll Cover You" and "Another Day" from the RENT soundtrack. In my genderbend fic, Ariadne/Yasirah and Anita/Eames more or less correspond to Collins/Angel and Roger/Mimi respectively. One couple coming together easily, comfortable together, cheery and fun, the other having some major issues to work out, on-again/off-again... Er, well, they correspond without the HIV and the drugs and the dying. In my universe anyway; going off the theory of the multiverse I don't pretend to know what goes on in the stories never written. :D

Even so, I was a little weirded out by this one.

On another note, how creepy is it to be dating the younger (and very estranged) half-brother of your dad's boyfriend? This is for a fic, and in this case the "dad" in question is immortal and appears to be... Mid thirties, maybe? I'm so bad at guessing ages, but even so. They've also never met, and until recently she would think he was her uncle. One of my fics is being... recalcitrant, or rather one of my newest original characters is being recalcitrant as to what, exactly, her backstory is. It sounds vaguely like a soap opera, I guess, though. Meh.

Speaking of fics and being stubborn... I was reading Good Omens again. The PDF, yes, I gave in after I could not find a hard copy anywhere. And now I want Aziraphale and Crowley in my SPN oneshot series again! Bloody hell. At least this time I did come up with a logical way they could enter into the story, just... not whether they'd stick around, and in what capacity. What do you guys think? Would they step in to try and help stop another Apocalypse, or just offer background support to this go-round's active-duty people? (No, Crowley would not be the show's; my headcanon rejects that idea very hard.)

Either way, I need an overall name for the series. Shit.

Also, the Max Brown as Aziraphale image has faded as I kept reading - based off the cover art, yes, but the character, I can't quite see it. However, now I have James Frain as Crowley in my head and that idea is showing no signs of going away at all. I'm seriously convinced that, if that miniseries I heard about is really going to go through, they should consider him for Crowley.

SPN fandom, you make me sad. I know they didn't actually interact much, but I also know that's not an insurmountable issue, but for a girl desperately looking for non-slashy Gabriel/Castiel brother fics, there's just not much to find. :( Of course, I could take that as incentive to write more of it... If anyone has anything they'd like to see in the way of pre-canon shenanigans from those two (Gabe's playing pagan god, that right there's enough to cause them both a world of trouble) let me know, and I'll see what I can do. :D

Now I'm off to see if I can get some writing done. In various fandoms, as per usual.
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