Jan. 22nd, 2011

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Title: What Does It Take?
Fandom: Inception
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Arthur's insomnia gets to a point where he's desperate enough to take sleeping pills and too incoherent to remember why taking too many of them is a bad idea.
Author's Note: Fill for this Round 12 prompt: community.livejournal.com/inception_kink/15916.html


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So, once again my Tudor muse has slunk back into the corner and left Inception-muse alone. Or rather not, because here's AMTBR again. You see, a while back I created a tie-in universe to my AMTBR series in order to explore a pairing I hadn't been able to fit into any of the main stories - that was my first foray into slash, a femslash canon/OC pairing. The crew over on the Primeval Denial comm (Christ, I have to get back over there) liked it well enough; that's one of the few groups I've seen where OC/canon romance works very well; probably because they have a line-up of fanon characters that are shared amongst writers.

Anyway, those of you who have read my A/A/E "Three Is More Than Just Company" series or my A/E fic "No Questions Asked" met alternate versions of said OC; Arthur's friend Ashley Stafford. I'm thinking of making their relationship a little closer - no, not romantically, think stepsiblings. I'm also thinking of doing a living version of Arthur's twin from "Ghost of a Rose", because I really liked Aubrey and I wonder what the real her would be like. Take that and an idea I had about my American answer to Torchwood, DESI, about agents' kids being recruited almost automatically, and I think I may have another oneshot series idea in my head. Arthur/Eames and Ariadne/Yusuf this time, I think; if I can maybe I'll even slip in some Saito/Fischer, along with the established Ashley/Jenny Lewis ship. If I have Aubrey... IDK, another OC maybe? Or Cobb? Weird idea, that. I will consider it.

You may have noticed a pattern with me - I seem to do a lot with Arthur. I don't know why he comes most easily to me, but he does and has from day one; my first Inception fic was basically an Arthur character study, and the theme was set. I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing, it's just odd. I don't usually have this kind of thing happen, not so determinedly, but then, until recently all I wrote was OC-centric fics. *ponders* Granted, I am now toying with a Saito/Fischer/Ariadne AU (or perhaps not, if the top didn't fall...) so maybe that's a sign that I'm branching out?

In the meantime... I'm working on the next few fics in the "Three Is More..." series, jumping around them as I usually do. Ariadne's family is fun in my head, but why is writing happy-yet-quirky families so difficult? I didn't have nearly this much trouble with Arthur, Eames, and their less pleasant family stuff. More proof of a brain hard-wired for angst, apparently. Next up is a pair of kink meme fills, this really cute marriage one and another one I'd rather not say because it's a spoiler. (Though if you've read my other rambles and noticed some of my odd research topics you already know or can work out what's up next.) And I am still debating a question I've had for some time: to write smut or not to write smut? I don't know, we'll see. They do have a honeymoon coming up, but... (Perhaps read more Anita Blake for inspiration?)

I really think I need to kickstart my Tudor muse, though. New chapters are sitting half-finished on my flash drive and it's annoying. Time for more research or maybe some episode rewatching. As for AMTBR... I could watch older seasons of Primeval, Charmed, Doctor Who/Torchwood, or NCIS, I have some DVDs plus there's the Internet. Basically, I am fighting the inception placed on me by the film of the same name. I don't want to stop writing Inception fic, I would just like a happy medium, muses!


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