Jan. 29th, 2011

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Well. I hit a mental stumbling block whilst trying to figure out my plans for the Inception/BN fic, and I think I've finally clued in to the problem. The A/A/E undertones were not working because apparently my muse wants this to be Arthur/Eames and Yusuf/Ariadne, WTF? I knew I was going to write A/Y eventually, but I wasn't planning on it here. This has of course spawned a desire to write a pre-relationship fic about them set during the movie, and really this is insane. Most fandoms I pick a pairing or two and stick to them, even when I read everything. This one, not so much.

Also I have a feeling this is going to be another series thing, worldbuilding is apparently all I can do anymore with something not explicitly meant as a one or twoshot. Why is this? I don't get it... The only fandom for which this may not be true is Tudors - though the Handmaid sequels would belie that - probably because I spend enough time with those remaking the original world. :)

I think I can partly blame Castle for this new turn in my planning. Because somehow I see Yusuf/Ariadne as Lanie/Esposito, only less secretive about their relationship. Basically having a very teasing, comfortable feel while still being clearly all over each other. (Though not too much; I think they're polite enough not to be and also I don't write smut. But I can suggest it.) Oddly enough, I think I really want Yusuf to be friendlier with Arthur and Ariadne closer to Eames. Yusuf and Eames as buddies is fun to write, but I'm not entirely sure it fits with canon, and I could see him and Arthur getting along while they worked on the kicks together. Eames and Ariadne, well, they could have hit it off while working on his dream level. IDK, I'm still thinking things out. I need the basic dynamics set for the BN fic, but that is so not going to be the end of this... Jury's still out on whether or not Arthur's sisters will actually be in this universe eventually. I think so but I cannot be sure.

One final thing; if anyone can point me to a good site for back episodes of Burn Notice - I'm thinking Carla-era, which I believe is season 2 - I would be most grateful. Never done BN fic before, I would like to immerse myself in canon a bit before diving into the writing. And SurfTheChannel was being annoying. Also any transcripts or other BN canon info would be lovely. I shall search myself of course, but if anyone's seen any...

I'm going to need a Burn Notice tag soon. Fuck.


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