Jun. 25th, 2011

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So I just signed up for the X-Men Big Bang. And I am apparently planning a fic which will span about twenty years - well, technically. The plan right now is five parts set in different times, with an epilogue set at the very beginning of X1. (Senate hearing FTW.) So actually almost thirty years including that. I... might be a little crazy.

I'm... kind of looking for a beta. This isn't something I do often - I had a largely irritating experience with the only beta I ever had - but... I'm sort of looking for a copy editor, by which I mean someone to check my grammar and such when I'm done, the sort of thing I did for my high school paper and for various friends' and classmates' college essays. (I may go into business with this, seriously.) 

Ahem. But I digress. I'm less concerned about my technical skills, so I'm looking more for someone who can be a brainstorming buddy than a copy editor, though a second pair of eyes going over my work is not something I'd object to. Anyone interested? I am perfectly happy to return the favor, seriously. It's just that I have all these vague ideas and I really think I need to talk them all out with someone to make them concrete. That strategy has turned out some of my best work to date so far, and I'd like this fic to rank up there too. :)

On a lighter note, because I find this latest meme hilarious, if you were to ship me with another fandom person, who would it be, and why?

Really, this new meme. I don't even.

Also. My cousin's fiancee's bridal shower is tomorrow. Family things, why do I have to go to them? Maybe it will be fun, but I am skeptical. If my cousins can remember I am twenty and no longer seven, thank you very much, there may be progress. Who knows?


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